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Recommendations to preserve your OMEGA product

Whether you own a beautiful watch, a splendid piece of fine jewellery, stylish sunglasses or OMEGA accessories, the following recommendations will help ensure that they elegantly stand the test of time.

Preserve your watch

Your OMEGA timepiece will continue to give you the time with precision and beauty if you give it proper care. The following recommendations will help you preserve it throughout the years.

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Preserve your fine jewellery

“Diamond are forever” but like everything else your fine jewellery needs care to maintain its splendor. The following wearing, cleaning, storing and servicing recommendations will ensure that you enjoy the beauty of your OMEGA fine jewellery forever.

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Preserve your sunglasses

Seeing with clarity and being seen with classiness requires taking care of your OMEGA sunglasses correctly. Discover how to preserve their elegance and functionality throughout the years.

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Preserve your accessories

Our accessories complement OMEGA timepieces with style and quality. Here is how to proceed if you are experiencing an issue with your product.

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