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Vintage services

We offer the same care and attention to our clients as we do to our timepieces because we’re passionately committed to the highest level of service. Over the years, our Archives have amassed a wealth of information which we are committed to preserve, so that OMEGA can today and in the future issue – for most of its watches – not only accurate glimpses into how your timepiece was produced as an Extract from the Archives, but also as a Certificate of Authenticity based on an expert analysis of your timepiece.

Certificate of authenticity

An 'Authentic' OMEGA timepiece is a watch powered by an OMEGA movement/calibre constructed entirely of, and serviced with correct OMEGA parts and components.
Our expert assessors have encyclopaedic knowledge and access to extensive historical production records and servicing policies. Upon examining the current state of your timepiece they can establish and document its authenticity. The Certificate of Authenticity will be given to an authentic OMEGA timepiece that is older than 30 years.

Extract from the archives

We have upgraded a special online service for watch enthusiasts who would like to know more about the production history of their OMEGA products that are older than 10 years. The Extract from the Archives contains detailed information from our archives which relates to your watch and how it left our facilities in Biel, as well as the exact production date of the watch. The Extract from the Archives is not a Certificate of Authenticity and does not guarantee the authenticity of a watch or its component parts.